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Our History

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

The Star Path was initially created as one of Yolanda Harrold's visions in 2005. As a lifelong career as a singer/songwriter, recording, and stage artist, she envisioned building a membership based community whe, re all singers can get the love, support and guidance they needed.  

In 2008 the program model was developed, and in 2010 she established her first partnership with longtime friend Wil Baskins and his partner Donovan White

Our First Location

In 2010, the program started in its first location in Miami Lakes at a recording studio that was previously owned by Michael Fuller.  The first set of artists that were produced help to shape the program outline.  Artists such as Unselfish, Ricky Valido, Melanie Martinez (The Voice), 

Bigger & Better Dreams

In 2012, The Star Path program  brought its roster of talent over to SoBe Swag Labs where they partnered up to produce a variety of voice training, vocal production and showcasing events.  

The Modern Star

In 2015, after working with countless artists and learning about their stories, we discovered a mutual thread. The concept for The Modern Star was created to create a docu-series that tell the untold story of the working musician 

A Star is Born

In 2016, the first official client of The Star Path transitioned into the primetime world of talent competition on the Voice.  On his first audition attempt, Paxton landed a spot on the popular television show.  I will always remember this young man because he fell upon his knees in gratitude to God on the day of his program audition in 2010.  Always knew he would go far!

First Art Center Contract

In 2017, The Star Path landed its first municipal contract with the City of Fort Lauderdale's Southside Cultural Arts Center. Classes included Inner Diva, Youth Group Classes, Adult Group Classes.  We have gone on from this point to secure additional contracts with Arts Park, Broward 

Digital Program Launch

In the Fall of 2017, TSP launched its digial training platform on Zoom. We were excited to expand our reach into new cities and states.  This platform was a major milestone.